Pumpkin Brownies

Oh Boy… it has been a while since a posted a recipe on Tajoon, hasn’t it … Well I have a legitimate reason or should I say reasons.  2017 has been a super busy, exciting and fun year. I got my real estate license early in the year and spent a good amount of time […]

Ginger and Saffron Tea

Lately this Ginger and Saffron Tea has been my absolute favorite drink before bed,  especially now that it is getting cold. I personally use both saffron and ground ginger in almost all my cooking. But I just discovered a new way to consume these 2 amazing ingredients

My Thanksgiving Menu

Now that the elections are over, let’s talk about the important stuff, my thanksgiving menu. OK the election was a historic event this year and it is definitely much more important than a thanksgiving feast, but at the end of the day we will still celebrate thanksgiving.

7 Easy Chicken Recipes

We all have chicken dinners at least once or twice a week. It is healthy, affordable and easy to cook. But most of us tend to cook the same recipes over and over. Just to give you some fresh ideas, I have compiled 7 easy chicken recipes from Tajoon. They’re all easy, delicious and healthy.

Moroccan Couscous

Moroccan Couscous is a traditional Moroccan usually served on Fridays and big gathering. It truly is the ultimate crowd pleaser. I am honored to say that my dear mother cooked this couscous. I was just snapping pictures. And I am pleased to share it with you.

Cinnamon-Sugar Cookies

  These cinnamon-sugar cookies make an easy and quick dessert to serve with tea or coffee. They also make a great holiday give-away. You can easily double the recipe and make twice as much to pass them around

Flourless peanut butter brownie cookies

These flourless peanut butter brownie cookies are very simple to make, quick, delicious and chewy. And oh boy, once you make them, you won’t get enough. And the best part, they are ready in less than 30 minutes. Now, that’s what I call a quick dessert.

Berry, spinach and avocado milkshake

The holy month of Ramadan started about 2 weeks ago. It is the most superior month in the Islamic calendar.  Before I talk about the recipe, I would like to wish the entire Muslim nation a blessed and happy Ramadan, and may Allah accept everyone’s prayers.

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