Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

double chocolate chip muffins 0

First of, I would like to dedicate this recipe to all the chocolate lovers out there. There is nothing better than starting the day or even ending an afternoon with a moist chocolaty muffin and a cup of coffee. Well, at least in my book :). That is how much I love chocolate, and that’s how good this chocolate muffin recipe is. Continue reading Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

Marbled Banana Bread

Marble Banana Bread 0

I love Banana Bread and Chocolate so I decided to make Marbled Banana Bread. Oh and was it good!

I followed the same recipe for my very moist Banana Bread Recipe but I changed it a little bit by using cocoa powder instead of walnuts and cinnamon. I also added 1/2 cup of flour. The recipe is still pretty simple and really delicious. Continue reading Marbled Banana Bread

Strawberry Banana Smoothie

  Strawberry Banana  Smoothie 0
During the summer, people often make or buy smoothies as a refreshing drink. However, smoothies can be loaded with sugar and calories resulting in unwanted weight gain.  So the best way to make a smoothy is use frozen sweet fruit in to avoid adding any sugar. Continue reading Strawberry Banana Smoothie

Cheese and Olive Swirls

cheese and olive swirls 11

Cheese and Olive Swirls is the perfect appetizer for any occasion or holiday.  In fact you should always have a few swirls recipes on hand for quick and easy appetizers or deserts. Imagine this scenario, it’s Friday night, Continue reading Cheese and Olive Swirls

Sauteed Mushroom and Garlic

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Sauteed Mushroom and Garlic is an easy and healthy side dish that take minutes to prepare. It goes really well with grilled chicken and steamed rice, or you can even add it to a salad.

I came up with this recipe the other day because I wanted an easy side dish to my grilled chicken. Whenever I use mushrooms in my recipes, I always saute them in olive oil first before adding them to soups, pastas, or meats. Continue reading Sauteed Mushroom and Garlic