Potato Gratin

This potato gratin recipe is one of my mom’s favorites. My mom fries her potatoes instead of boiling them in water which gives them extra flavor, and then tops it off with a creamy bechamel sauce. Like Paula Deen says: “it is out of this world”.  I have to admit this is not the healthiest recipe […]

Moroccan Chicken with Carrots

The traditional Moroccan Chicken with carrots has olives and preserved lemons . You can check out the recipe here. But I like to pair cinnamon with carrots whenever I have a chance. So I came up with this recipe by changing a couple of ingredients, yet the dish still kept the rich Moroccan flavor. If […]


Ghaymen is a traditional Persian meat stew, also called Khoresht in the Farsi language.  It is with no doubt, one my favorite comfort foods. I, of course cook it using my Moroccan technique. This recipe is not one of easiest, but it is a great crowd pleaser, which makes it the perfect dish for big […]

Chocolate Yogurt Bunt Cake

If you are a chocoholic like me, you will love making this pound cake. I make this cake once in a while or on special occasions only just because I end up eating most of it within a day or two, which doesn’t help the diet at all. You will notice that I am not […]

Yellow Squash Soup

This is a very easy recipe, yet delicious and elegant. The ingredients are simple. Perfect for vegetarians. I make yellow squash soup for dinner whenever I have a rough or busy day, and want to get something comforting yet easy enough so I don’t have to spend a lot of time and energy in the […]

Moroccan Eggplant Salad

This eggplant recipe is a traditional Moroccan side dish/salad. My mom made this for us whenever we had fish or kebab as a side dish.   The eggplant can be either fried, grilled or even baked.  I personally fry the eggplant because it is easier and I like the taste of the olive oil. If you prefer a […]