7 Easy Chicken Recipes

We all have chicken dinners at least once or twice a week. It is healthy, affordable and easy to cook. But most of us tend to cook the same recipes over and over. Just to give you some fresh ideas, I have compiled 7 easy chicken recipes from Tajoon. They’re all easy, delicious and healthy.

Easy Chicken Bistro

This easy chicken bistro is super delicious, you would want to make it for your family over and over again. The leftovers taste even better. So go ahead, make some extra and have it for lunch the next day.

Grilled Greek Chicken

Grilled chicken is one of those easy dinners that I like to make during the week. I can marinate it in the morning or even the night before. Then when I am back at the end of the day, all I have to do is put the chicken along with some vegetables on the grill. 15 […]

Chicken With Mushrooms And Saffron

As most of the recipes I have been posting, this chicken with mushrooms and saffron is a healthy, easy and loaded with flavor. I often make chicken with mushrooms and broccoli for a quick weeknight dinner.  But this time, I thought I’d change the flavor a bit and cook the chicken with saffron instead of […]

The Best Grilled Chicken Ever

This is the best grilled chicken ever because  it is super easy to make, extremely delicious and very healthy. It is also the best grilled chicken ever my son Amir told me so 🙂  He loved this chicken so much, he actually gave me a compliment the day I made it, which doesn’t happen often with Amir. He told me, […]

Persian Chicken Kabob

It is summer weather for us here in California already, which means I’ll be doing a lot of grilling. This Persian Chicken Kabob recipe is a great way to start the grilling season for me because it is easy, healthy and delicious.

Easy Grilled Chicken Recipe

This super easy and quick grilled chicken recipe is the perfect way to end a busy day. I hope you get to try this recipe and enjoy it! Prep time: 3 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Serves: 4 Ingredients: 1 lb of thinly cut chicken breast Salt and Pepper to taste 1/2 tsp of Italian […]

Chicken with Mushroom and Broccoli

This chicken with broccoli and mushroom is the perfect dinner recipe for those crazy busy week days. It is easy, healthy, and delicious. It might take a little bit of extra effort from your end, but is worth the 45 minutes and you will know you had a healthy dinner. This recipe will tastes better […]