My Thanksgiving Menu

Now that the elections are over, let’s talk about the important stuff, my thanksgiving menu. OK the election was a historic event this year and it is definitely much more important than a thanksgiving feast, but at the end of the day we will still celebrate thanksgiving. After all, it is the American tradition to get together once a year with your family and closed ones to show your gratitude to everything that you have in a fun and delicious manner.

Whether you are hosting or attending a thanksgiving potluck dinner, you are probably starting to think about what you’ll have on the menu. So I decided to share my thanksgiving menu. I try to keep it simple, more of the recipes can be made a day or two ahead so that on thanksgiving day, you can relax and enjoy your meal with your family.

Let’s get started.


Olive Hummus with Pita Bread

olive hummus 6

You can get the store bought hummus, or make this spicy olive hummus. If you pick the later, make sure you make plenty cause they won’t be any leftovers on this one.

Cheese and Olive Swirls

cheese and olive swirls 11

Cheese and olive swirls are always a hit in my parties. I like to prep them a few day in advance and freeze them, then bake them straight from the freezer. There is nothing better than warm, fresh puff pastry appetizers.

Spiced Roasted Butternut Squash Soup


It’s November and it is getting cold, except in California. But I will still serve my spiced roasted butternut squash soup. If you live in a cold climate, your family and guests will appreciate a spicy warm soup before that turkey is roasted.

The Thanksgiving Meal:

Ina Garten’s Turkey


I always use Ina Garten’s Turkey recipe. It always comes out perfect, I don’t think I can do any other way. I will always recommend to my readers. Since I am stuffing the turkey, I will put the lemon, garlic and herbs over the turkey instead. You’d still have a delicious turkey.



You gotta have stuffing for thanksgiving. This recipe is simple enough for anyone to follow. You can either bake the stuffing in a baking dish or stuff the turkey with it. I personally will be stuff the turkey. You can imagine all those juices from the turkey dripping on the bread, and that bread coming out moist and loaded with flavor. it is extra work and the turkey will take about 20-30 minutes extra in the oven, but boy is it worth it.

Giblet Gravy


My friend’s dad gave me the idea of using the turkey giblets to make the gravy. I usually don’t really use the giblets, which is a shame, but now I know what to do with them. The gravy will have so much more flavor this way.

Mashed potatoes


I love Ree Drummond’s baked mashed potatoes. They’re super moist and can be made the day before, then baked right before the meal. Which will make your life that much easier on thanksgiving day. I have to warn you tough, they’re full of butter. But then it’s thanksgiving, no one should be on diet and food has to taste good. You can always burn off the extra calories the next day when you go shopping 😉

Green Beans

Sauteed Green Beans and Mushrooms

I do make my popular green beans on Thanksgiving. No matter how much I make, I never end up with leftovers. Super easy recipe and can be eaten warm or at room temperature.

Moist Cornbread

moist cornbread recipe

Cornbread is another traditional item on the thanksgiving menu. My cornbread recipe is yet another easy recipe and will keep moist till the next day.

Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin

You have to have some sort of casserole for thanksgiving dinner, and since I already have quit a few carbs on the menu, I decided to make my broccoli and cauliflower gratin. I always try to have more veggies on the table.

Spiced Cranberry Sauce


If you have been reading my blog Tajoon, you’ll know how much I love ginger. So I picked this spiced cranberry sauce for my thanksgiving menu. I have noticed that not everyone is a fan of cranberry sauce, but I guarantee you this one will be a hit. The spices will certainly make a difference.


There is no better way to end a meal with a good cup of coffee and desert.

Apple Cake

Apple Cinnamon Cake

I love to make apple cinnamon cake just to make the house smell extra delicious.

Pumpkin Cheesecake


You have to have pumpkin desert for thanksgiving. I picked Martha Stewart’s pumpkin cheesecake. Another easy and simple recipe. And it can also be make the day before.

 I hope you’ll find this post helpful and Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours! 🙂

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